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RAWR Write-a-Thon, Final Tally

October 15

Hello everyone.

Well, it’s been a ride. Good warmup for the coming NaNoWriMo (which I’ll be participating in).

Here’s where we stand. I cleared my word goal of 35,000 words by just 121, in a last minute burst of writing.

My personal goal of raising $250 for the workshop was met with a grand total, after fees, of $282.56, or 113% of the target goal.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for giving so generously, and thanks to everyone who donated their time and energy as well!

Overall, the Write-a-Thon raised $569.84 this time. That’s fantastic! I am a little sad that we didn’t reach Kyell’s story goals, but the fact that we did so well makes me very, very happy.

Where next? Well, don’t think I’m just going to go silent again. NaNoWriMo is coming up, and I’ve got the podcast to keep going with, so you have definitely not heard the last of me. for now, onward!


RAWR Write-a-Thon Update and Excerpt #5

October 11

Hey guys! We’ve got just 3 days left after today to get those donations in for the RAWR Write-a-Thon. You can donate with the PayPal button on the right of this site, or through the Write-a-Thon participants page on the site at


My current wordcount is 28,443 of my 35,000 word goal.


Below is an excerpt from the current novel project of Simon, our magically-inclined black and white fox having some one-on-one time with Cyril Understone, the Achilles Club’s librarian. This is, like all of the excerpts, a rough draft and one that I will definitely need to have looked over by extra sets of eyes in order to ensure fair and decent representation. For now, this is the scene.


PLEASE Be aware that this scene contains adult situations between two males. If this does not seem like something that interests you, please feel free to skip it.


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RAWR Write-a-Thon Progress: Excerpt 4

September 27

It’s been a few days, owing to some very recent personal news. Here’s where we stand currently:

My personal goal for fundraising is $250, of which people donating via my link have given $119.37(after those unfortunate Paypal fees), so nearly fifty percent.

Overall, RAWR’s fundraising goal is $3000, and the currently raised funds total $290.74(after fees).

I want to make a push to raise a significantly higher percentage by the end of the Write-a-Thon. Currently, any donation made until Midnight Eastern time tonight, the 27th, will be matched dollar-for-dollar for the first $100, and at $0.50/dollar for the next hundred. If you haven’t yet donated, and have been considering it, please think about doing so by tonight. Every little bit helps.


Now, here we have a fleeting scene in the Achilles Club’s library. This will be a bit more of an introduction of Cyril Understone, the Club’s chief librarian. I hope you enjoy:

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RAWR Write-a-Thon Progress: Excerpt 3

September 23

I’m currently around 13,500 words on the goal of 20,000. We’re still way behind our fundraising goal, though, so if you can donate, or spread the word, it would be most appreciated. I am currently at around 100 dollars of my $250 personal goal for fundraising. You can view the other participants, check out our current funding status, and more, here:

If you’d like to go ahead and donate, you can do so either on that page or on the right of this page with the Paypal button.

In the meantime, here is a different scene, starring the book’s primary protagonist, Simon.

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