February 23

This episode, Sparf discusses Romance (big R) as a genre, as well as its bleedover into erotica and some tips and thoughts for writing both.

Also, There are fewer than 5 days remaining to nominate works for the Ursa Major Awards http://www.ursamajorawards.org. If you are so inclined, Independent Claws is eligible in the Magazine category, and two of Sparf’s stories—The Torch, from Roar vol. 7 (available in ebook here) and Apostasy, from Fang vol. 7(available in ebook here)— are also eligible. They’re also available in print form from http://www.furplanet.com.

This episode discusses sexual behavior between consenting adults and should not be listened to by anyone under the age of majority in their location.

Book Recommendations and links below the cut

This episode’s recommendations are:

Bridges, by Kyell Gold. Found here in print and here in e-book format.

and Handcuffs and Lace by Rechan. Found here in print and here in e-book format.